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Keeping our canopy healthy

Tree Canopy Master Plan

AIPCA has begun the creation of a master plan to manage the health and sustainability of our beautiful tree canopy — one of our community’s greatest assets. This plan includes a custom database of trees on common properties, giving the Association a variety of tools for managing the long-term sustainability of our canopy, with trees catalogued by location, size, species and health.

Phase One of this project focused on the Marsh Creek neighborhood including Walker’s Landing. Future phases will cover the rest of the community, including Sea Marsh, Long Point and Marsh Point, Beachwalker Road, and Beachwood Road.

Access this online database in TreePlotter, a tree mapping software used by our Tree Canopy Master Plan developer, Cadence.

Use the following log-in information to access. Please note that both are case-sensitive.

Username: AIPCA

Password: AipcaTrees