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Make Yourself at Home at The Oaks

A jewel among community centers, from its open, airy interior design to its inviting décor, The Oaks looks and feels like a second home within AIP. Explore the features and amenities of The Oaks, as well as the regulations we have in place to keep it a thriving hub for all residents.

Need to Knows

Location & Hours

The Oaks is located at 203 Sea Marsh Road, between Ron Kolar Way and the Cooper Bridge. The Oaks is open and available to community members from 8 am to 10 pm. Event and community rooms are available starting at 9 am.


Traffic flow in the parking lot at The Oaks is one-way, entering at the southern entrance and exiting at the northern exit. Parking is for The Oaks only. If you are going to the Omni’s Pro Shop or Marshview Bar & Grill, please park in the Omni lot. There is overflow parking for The Oaks located immediately north and south of Ron Kolar Way.

No pets or smoking

Pets are prohibited inside The Oaks. Service animals are welcome. Smoking is prohibited in the facility and surrounding exteriors, including the screened porch and patio.

Tidy up after use

The Oaks is a communal facility, and every community member is expected to leave it in a clean and orderly condition. Return rooms, the porch and the patio to the set-up you found them in, including returning chairs or tables you have moved elsewhere. Remove or properly dispose of food, beverages and any other personal items or trash.

Be mindful when using electronics

Be considerate of others when using cell phones and other electronic devices. Set phones to silent or vibrate. Keep a respectful distance from those around you when speaking on your phone and use a low tone of voice. Consider texting instead of talking. Do not use phones on speaker. Use headphones when playing media on any electronic device.


No password is needed to access the complimentary Wi-Fi in The Oaks.

Monthly community events

Community Life hosts activities every month at The Oaks. Regular events include Food Truck Night, Game Night, Live Music, Breakfast at The Oaks, and Thoughtful Thursdays. Check the Calendar from the member dashboard for the latest, and read the “AIP Life” email every month for a preview of upcoming Community Life events.

Living Room | Clapper Rail | Screened Porch | Patio

These common areas are always available for community use except when the entire facility has been rented. Notice of the building’s closure will be posted in the online Calendar and announced in the Weekly News email.

Sunset Room

Private use by residential property owners is by online reservation request and payment of usage fee. Reservation requests for the Sunset Room may be made up to 18 months in advance from the member dashboard.

Community Room

Residential property owners may use this room on a complimentary basis with the existing set. Reservations may be made up to 30 days in advance. Walk-ins are welcome if the room is not in use. The Community Room is used by Community Clubs which meet at The Oaks. Contact Community Life staff to reserve the Community Room.

Community Clubs & Groups

AIPCA provides complimentary use of the Community Room to registered Community Clubs and Groups. Community Clubs and Groups must be open to all community members. Contact Community Life staff for information about joining an existing club or starting a new one.


The library is a place to find and enjoy a good book. There is a cart to drop-off returns or donate books in good condition. The community bulletin board is located in the library. Contact Community Life staff to reserve the library. Private use of the library may require you to relocate the book carts to a common area and reset after use.

Alta Open

Alta Open is the electronic entry system that ensures only AIPCA residential property owners have access to The Oaks. Your smartphone is your key to electronically unlock the entry doors at The Oaks during operating hours using the Alta Open app.

Owners should contact AIPCA at (904) 491-9850 or email info@aipca.net to get started with Alta Open.

Renting The Oaks

Per the community’s Covenants, The Oaks is a restricted common property and is available exclusively for use by Amelia Island Plantation residential property owners and the Association. The facility is not available for rental by general public.

AIPCA does not provide event services. Users who rent all or part of The Oaks are responsible for managing their private events including (but not limited to) event setup, decor, entertainment, catering, drink service, and post-event breakdown and cleaning. All such services and associated costs are the sole responsibility of the User.

Community members reserving all or part of The Oaks must be the host, not a sponsor, of the event, and must be in attendance for the entire event. Community members reserving all or part of The Oaks assume full responsibility for the event, including the obligation to make restitution for any damages or losses.

Individual room reservations do not grant exclusive use of The Oaks. Unless the entire facility is rented, the community living room, Clapper Rail bar, other individual rooms, and the porch and patio may be in use at the same time.

Sunset Room/Exclusive Use

The Sunset Room may be rented by residential property owners for their private events from 9 am to 10 pm. Rental includes use of the catering kitchen with access to the loading dock.  Reservation requests for the Sunset Room may be made up to 18 months in advance.

The entire facility, including the porch and patio, may be rented by residential property owners for exclusive use for their private events from 4-10 pm. Rental of the entire facility requires written AIPCA approval and is limited to no more than twice in one calendar month.

Your reservation start and end times must include all time needed for setup and breakdown of the event.

Maximum Capacities

  • Sunset Room: 104
  • Entire facility: 104 Seated Dinner | 120 Standing Reception

Usage Fees

Personal checks for Usage Fees will be accepted from AIPCA community members only.

Request a reservation
You must be logged into the member dashboard from a browser on a desktop, laptop or a tablet to request a reservation. The reservation request e-forms are not available on smartphones or in the Frontsteps app.

In the dashboard’s left-hand menu, click on Quick Actions, and then Calendar. Go to the desired date on the Calendar to see if there is either a confirmed or pending private event booking for the Sunset Room or Exclusive Use.

If there is no confirmed or pending booking on the desired date, click on eForms under Quick Actions and click View on The Oaks Reservation Request. In the form, use the Space Requested* drop-down menu to select Sunset Room or Exclusive Use. Fill out the rest of the form completely. Hit Submit Response

Events are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be notified if your reservation request has been approved or declined via email within two business days. Do not send payments prior to receipt of the confirmation email. No further paperwork is required.

Community Room

The Community Room on the north end of The Oaks is for use by the Association, AIPCA clubs, and residential property owners.

Maximum Capacity

  • Community Room: 68

Usage fees

Use of the room is available to community members on a complimentary basis with the existing set.

Request a reservation

Reservations may be made up to 30 days in advance. From the member dashboard, check the Calendar to see if desired date is available. If it is, contact Community Life at (904) 310-9067 to request reservation.