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  • Nesting season is underway for Florida’s waterbirds
    With nesting season underway for shorebirds, seabirds and wading birds, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is sharing tips with beachgoers on how to help protect our waterbirds while enjoying the shore. During this time of year, many shorebird and seabird species nest directly on beaches across the state where their eggs and… Read More »
  • WTA excitement returns to Racquet Park on March 23
    As part of our AIP 50th anniversary celebrations, AIPCA will host “Game, Set, Match!” on Saturday, March 23, to mark the important role WTA tennis played in the history of AIP. Former AIP touring professional and resident Kathy Rinaldi will be joined by WTA standouts Ann Grossman and Brenda Schultz, who all competed at AIP,… Read More »
  • American Beach the focus of our next Thoughtful Thursday
    At a time when African Americans were denied entry to most public beaches in Florida, A.L. Lewis, president of the pioneering black-owned business, the Afro-American Life Insurance Company, founded the American Beach community on Amelia Island in 1935 as a haven during the Jim Crow era for first his employees and later the wider black… Read More »
  • Play Bingo! with Emily as Game Night returns March 11
    It will be another fun-filled night of chance when Bingo! with Emily returns to Game Night Monday, March 11, at The Oaks, 203 Sea Marsh. Please note the later start time. Doors to the Sunset Room will open at 5 pm for card sales. Cards cost just $1. Sales are cash only, and $1 and… Read More »
  • Learn more about the global impact of AIP landscape architect Ian McHarg
    “Focus on 50” is a three-part presentation series examining various aspects of Amelia Island Plantation’s history. Our Thoughtful Thursday on February 22 will kick-off this in-depth look into our history with “Design with Nature,” an influential book by one of the world’s most influential landscape architects of the 20th century – Ian McHarg. McHarg’s “McHargian… Read More »
  • Full house for ‘Reverberations of the Revolution”
    In partnership with the U.S. Constitution Scholarship Foundation, AIPCA hosted a presentation from EverScholar, “Reverberations of the Revolution,” on Monday, January 15, at Walker’s Landing. Moderated by AIPCA Board Member Owen Williams, the evening featured reflections on the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the founding fathers from Akhil Reed Amar, Sterling Professor of… Read More »