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How Life Stays Seamless at AIP

The Amelia Island Plantation Community Association works hard to ensure homeowners and residents are satisfied with their choice to live at AIP. Browse below to review the procedures and regulations we’ve put in place to make AIP home, sweet, home.

How is Amelia Island Plantation organized?

Amelia Island Plantation Community Association (AIPCA) is the master association that represents everyone who owns property in Amelia Island Plantation (AIP). It is often referred to as the “Community Association” or simply “AIPCA.”

AIPCA provides services and amenities to all residential and commercial property owners. Commercial owners include the Omni Amelia Island Resort, the Amelia Island Equity Club and Osprey Village. There are a number of condo, home and property owner associations within AIP that provide services to their members.

As the master association, AIPCA manages common physical assets (including two community centers, multiple parks, beach access points, common areas, lakes, lagoons and ponds, roads, trails, bridges, drainage, landscaped rights of way, security gates and fencing), maintains community standards, and provides security to the community. AIPCA also offers a variety of social activities at its facilities.

AIPCA is governed by an 11-member Board of Directors, with nine elected by property owners and two appointed by the Omni Amelia Island Resort.

info@aipca.net | (904) 491-9850

Omni Amelia Island Resort

Omni Amelia Island Resort owns the resort facilities in AIP. Omni guests have access to all resort facilities including an oceanfront hotel (440 rooms), multiple pools, golf, tennis and pickleball courts, the Spa & Shops at Omni Amelia Island, many dining options, two fitness centers and conference facilities.

AIP residential property owners have access to the spa, stores and restaurants located in the Spa & Shops at Omni Amelia Island, and dining options at the hotel (via OpenTable). Amelia Island Equity Club members have additional access to Omni tennis courts, golf courses, fitness centers and pools.

As an AIP property owner, Omni is a member of the AIPCA and pays its share of assessments based on property ownership; it also pays a percentage of its revenues to AIPCA as specified in the Master Covenants.

www.omnihotels.com/hotels/amelia-island | (904) 261-6161

Amelia Island Club

Amelia Island Equity Club Inc. offers beach, sport, full and junior (under 45) memberships. Club members enjoy a range of amenities such as the Ocean Clubhouse, member-owned Long Point Golf Course and Clubhouse, and use of Omni Resort-owned facilities including Oak Marsh and Little Sandy golf courses, the Health & Fitness Center, Har-Tru tennis courts, pickleball courts, and pools.

As an AIP property owner, the Club is a member of the AIPCA and pays its share of assessments based on property ownership. All AIP residential property owners are eligible, but not required, to join the Amelia Island Club.

www.ameliaislandclub.com | (904) 321-5089

Osprey Village

Osprey Village is Amelia Island’s foremost senior living community for people 55 and older. It offers a variety of high-end living options, a premier social and wellness lifestyle, and a scenic location. Osprey residents are members of the AIPCA and all Association amenities are available to them. With Amelia Island Club membership, Osprey Village residents can enjoy golf, tennis, and additional social programming.

osprey-village.com | (904) 549-6271


Amelia Island Plantation also includes 33 condo, home, villa and property owner sub-associations. Each sub-association has common expenses (water, lights, pools, landscaping, boardwalks, etc.) which are paid for by assessments levied by that association’s elected board. Each sub-association has its own individual declaration of condominium, articles of incorporation, and bylaws, which govern its operation. They are also subject to the community covenants since the associations are within the confines of AIP.

How do I review AIPCA’s governing documents, rules, and budget?

The governing documents (Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, and the Class A and B Covenants) as well as the AIPCA Rules and Regulations describe in detail property owners’ rights and responsibilities (assessments, voting, etc.), as well as AIPCA’s rights, obligations, and services.

Is Amelia Island Plantation a gated community?

As a private resort community, access to Amelia Island Plantation is granted only to property owners and their guests, Amelia Island Club members and employees, Omni guests and employees, and pre-approved commercial vendors and service providers.

Security & Public Safety maintains 10 gates providing access to AIP. The main entrance is manned by Security & Public Safety 24 hours a day. AIPCA uses RFID tags attached to vehicle windshields to provide AIP owners and immediate family, Club members, AIPCA/Club/Omni employees, and pre-authorized commercial vehicles entry via unmanned gates. RFIDs are available for purchase at the AIPCA Administrative Office.

AIPCA uses an online access management system, ABDI GateAccess, to allow property owners to pre-authorize entry into AIP for guests and contractors at select gates.

Property owners use a computer (or smartphone via the ABDI GateAccess app for Apple or Android) to pre-authorize entry into AIP for guests and contractors. Once authorized, guests will be able to enter AIP at the Main, Long Point, Osprey Village, and Marsh Point gates.

Property owners can easily update their guests, contact information, and emergency contacts. In addition, GateAccess allows owners to view guests logged to the owner’s address, provides for Guest Arrival Notifications and more.


Are there any restrictions on renting residential properties?

New purchases of single-family detached homes, patio dwellings (villas) and undeveloped lots are subject to AIPCA’s Class A Covenants which prohibit dwellings on residential lots from being leased or rented for less than 30 days. Single-family homes and villas must be leased in their entirety.

Condominiums are governed by AIPCA’s Class B Covenants, which do not set any restrictions on rentals. However, each individual condo sub-association within AIP can set rental limits for properties in their association. Check with your real estate agent.

Amelia Island Rental Property Owners, Inc. (AIRPO) is a group of property owners who make their residential properties available for rental through the Omni. AIRPO has a board, elected by owners in the rental program, which interfaces with the Omni Amelia Island.

What is the role of the Architectural Review Board?

The Amelia Island Plantation Architectural Review Board (ARB) was established to ensure that all construction within AIP complies with our design philosophy that constructed elements must be expressed in forms, colors and textures that blend and complement our natural setting. Appropriate designs are ones that are treated as carefully planned additions to the natural setting. These designs should also embrace the site and become “one” with it. Members of the ARB are appointed at the discretion of the Amelia Island Plantation Community Association.

If you are contemplating any work that alters the appearance of the exterior of your property — including the landscape — you must apply for review and prior approval from the ARB.

This includes:

  • All tree removal
  • All new exterior construction, renovations, and site improvements
  • Application of any exterior finishes, including stain, paint, stucco, and roofing
  • Addition of any significant site features, such as decorative ponds, lighting, fountains, patios, terraces, decks, and swimming pools
  • All major re-landscaping
  • All driveway paving, whether new or a replacement of an existing driveway
  • All activities that affect the natural environment.

We recommend contacting the ARB Administrator prior to beginning any work.

www.aip-arb.com | (904) 491-9850 | arb@aipca.net

What is the Contribution to Reserves (CTR) Fee?

The Contribution to Reserves Fee is a real estate transaction fee paid by the purchaser equaling 0.5% of the sale price. The real estate transaction fee is applicable each time ownership of an AIP property transfers.

CTR fees, along with an impact fee collected at $.50 per square foot for all new construction of undeveloped lots, are placed into a reserve fund, regulated by AIPCA’s covenants. The reserve funds are earmarked for storm damage mitigation, emergency repairs and other unexpected contingencies up to a minimum balance. Income over that balance is earmarked for new capital improvements to common property as well as repair and maintenance of existing assets.

When are AIPCA assessments billed?

AIPCA’s annual assessment is billed once a year and is due March 1. If payment is not received by March 31, an administrative charge and interest will be applied to the account. The assessment covers security, maintenance of roads, roadsides, dunes and lagoons, lighting and all common properties owned by the AIPCA.

Osprey Village residents pay the AIPCA assessments as part of their Osprey Village fees and are not billed directly by the Association.

Sub-association assessments are billed and paid separately from AIPCA’s as they are separate corporations and must receive separate payments.