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Safety First

Whether you’re a young family or active couple, we know how important it is to feel at ease enjoying the amenities and outdoors of this great community — as well as your own backyard. We also have part-time residents living the snowbird lifestyle who need to know things are under control while they’re away. Rest assured AIP takes the safety and security of our neighborhoods seriously. Learn more below.

ABDI Gate Access

ABDI GateAccess is an online access management system to pre-authorize entry into AIP for your guests and contractors. Once authorized, your guests will be able to enter AIP at the Main, Long Point, Marsh Point, and Osprey Village gates.

All community members must register with Security & Public Safety (SPS) to be emailed log-in credentials for gateaccess.net. Use your computer or smartphone via the ABDI GateAccess app for Apple or Android.

You may still contact SPS to authorize entry for your guests by calling (904) 601-5528.

Entry address

To avoid delays at unmanned gates without call boxes, please provide 11 Beach Lagoon Road, Fernandina Beach FL 32034 as the address for AIP to guests or vendors who do not have an RFID.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

AIPCA uses RFID tags attached to your vehicle’s windshield to allow entry via any unmanned gate. You will need to purchase an RFID for each vehicle in your household. Contact AIPCA at (904) 491-9850 or email info@aipca.net for more information.

Once purchased, the RFID is installed by Security & Public Safety at the Main Gate, 11 Beach Lagoon Road. At that time, you will complete a vehicle registration card. Vehicle information will be added to your account in ABDI GateAccess.

Entry address

To avoid delays at unmanned gates without call boxes, please provide 11 Beach Lagoon Road, Fernandina Beach FL 32034 as the address for AIP to guests or vendors who do not have an RFID.


Prohibited vehicles
Motorcycles, mopeds and motorized “off-highway” vehicles may not be driven within AIP for any reason. Visitors who arrive on motorcycles may park their bikes in the Commercial Lot at the main entrance to the community. This area is monitored by SPS which will contact the appropriate AIP resident when a guest arrives on a motorcycle so they may be picked up.

Empty boat trailers may be parked in designated spaces at Walker’s Landing, only after SPS is notified. Boat trailers may not be left from sunset to sunrise when the park is closed.

Trailers for any type of vehicle must be stored inside of a garage at a single-family home, except when in the driveway for loading or maintenance.

Concierge Services

House checks
Security & Public Safety (SPS) regularly patrols all of AIP, performing property checks throughout the community, including AIPCA common properties and Omni facilities. As requested, officers will also perform house checks as part of their patrols.

Single-family homeowners may request a house check via GateAccess or by contacting Security & Public Safety at (904) 601-5528 or security@aipca.net.

Officers will check the doors and windows and will pick up packages delivered while the owner is away. Owners are responsible for retrieving any such packages from SPS.

Wellness checks
At the request of community members and family, Security & Public Safety officers will conduct wellness checks. Please contact SPS if you normally see a neighbor but haven’t for a significant amount of time or cannot make contact with an AIP resident you communicate with on a regular basis.

Other services
Additional complimentary concierge services, including battery jumps, burglar and pendant alarms, lost pets, and wildlife removal, are available by contacting Security & Public Safety.

Register for Nassau County emergency alerts

AIP residents may receive direct alerts about local emergency conditions by registering for Nassau County’s Emergency Alert Notification System. Go to www.onenassau.com, click on the AlertNassau button, and follow the links to the registration page.

This alert system provides you with critical information quickly in a variety of situations. You may also register for Smart Weather Alerts to receive notifications whenever the National Weather Service issues a watch, warning or advisory.

You may receive voice-recorded alerts to your choice of home, mobile or business phones, as well as text alerts and e-mail messages.