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Get a new perspective on Earth

Get a new perspective on Earth

published: May 23rd, 2023 by in News & Events, Thoughtful Thursday

NASA Earth Science researcher at next Thoughtful Thursday

For most people, NASA conjures images of astronauts and space exploration. However, NASA also provides free and publicly available observations from space, air, sea, and land that are critical for informing policy and action to protect planet Earth.

Dr. Liz Wiggins of NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia will share an eye-opening perspective of our world at our next Thoughtful Thursday at 5 pm May 25.

Seating in the Sunset Room for Thoughtful Thursday is limited, and reservations are required via Eventbrite. Reservation link is is the calendar in the member dashboard.

Wiggins will give an overview of how NASA’s Earth Science Division uses observations to better understand the ever-changing, interconnected systems that affect the Earth. She’ll also share ways in which everyone can contribute to the fight to preserve our planet.

Mix and mingle in the Clapper Rail starting at 4:30 pm when the beer and wine bar opens. Cash and credit cards accepted.